13 Apr 2024
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Health Programme

The Health Programme is the 5th Strategic National Priorities of Association for Strategic Culture and Research Foundation (ASCARF). The Programme emphasizes the need for development of inclusive health care and strengthening of the health of an independent nation’s population and the implementation of a long-term state policy in the sphere of protecting health of citizens.

The Strategic aims of the Programme are:

  • Negate threats posed by emergence of epidemics and pandemics, the mass spread of diseases such as oncological, cardiovascular, endocrinological, HIV infection, and alcoholism, an increase of trauma and poisoning, and the availability of psychoactive and psychotropic substance for illegal consumption.

  • To observe citizen’s rights in the sphere of health protection and ensure the state guarantees associated with these rights.

  • Cooperate-coordinate with organs of state power, private sector, and civil society institutions to ensure the introduction of modern information and communication technologies and introduction of Public-Private Partnership mechanism in the sphere of protecting citizen’s health.

  • The revival of traditions of Ubuntu or charity, the primary medical-sanitary assistance and introduction of new organizational forms of providing medical assistance (including decongestion of health care facilities) in semi-urban-rural municipalities and localities where access is difficult.

  • Increase the size of the population and longevity, the development of the population’s medical rehabilitation centres and the improvement and/or maintenance of the existing facilities.

The Programme also stresses the need for training of sufficient members of Specialists in the sphere of protecting citizen’s health, the advanced quality of such training, and establishment of mechanism of continuous medical education and health awareness programmes. Therefore, the Programme calls for partnership toward the realization of sustainable public health system.

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