20 May 2024
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The Township and Village Enterprises (TVEs) Programme under economic growth goal is one of Strategic National Priorities of Association for Strategic Culture and Research Foundation (ASCARF). The Programme integrates market-oriented public enterprises under the horizon of local government sphere of influence.

The strategic objectives of ensuring national security are the development of the country's economy, the safeguarding of economic security, and the creation of the conditions for the development of the individual, the transition of the economy to a new level of technological development. The TVEs Programme goal is to increase the effectiveness of state regulation of the economy with a strategy to achieving stable economic growth, an increase in labour productivity, the opening up of new resources, the stable functioning and the development of financial system and balance in the budget system, the overcoming of exodus capital and of qualified specialists, an increase in the volume of domestic savings and their transformation into investments, and a reduction in inflation.

The Tentative Programme Plan set out 5 (five) basic tasks:

  • To spare no efforts to develop agriculture, solve problems concerning people's food, clothing and other basic needs.

  • To achieve economic transformation, consolidate and enlarge the shares of collective ownership and ownership by the people.

  • To boost industry, agriculture, handicrafts, light-heavy manufacturing, transportation, and commerce.

  • To cultivate talents, strengthen scientific research and development to fulfil the needs of Township and Village economic and cultural development.

  • Intensify the basic industrial and agricultural development, to strengthen national defence and improve people's living standards and cultural awareness.

To ensure economic security, the tasks are geared toward the elimination of imbalances in the economy, territorial development, the development of the labour market, and the transportation, information, social, and educational infrastructures. The Programme, therefore, calls for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to focus on the unequal development of regions, and the decline in the stability of the national system of settlement.

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