24 Feb 2024
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The Military-Civilian Programme – “A means to an end”

The strategic national defence goals are to create conditions for peaceful and dynamic socioeconomic development of a civilization, and to ensure long-term of its military security. Thus, the Military-Civilian Development Programme seeks to provide independent African states with hybrid template to build their regions into an economic, industrial, and militarily oriented development-trading blocs by optimizing country’s civilian Base and Superstructure through military worldview.

The Programme is aimed at promoting Military Skills Development (culture), the sharing of resources, expertise, harnessing military discipline, cultural assimilation, collaboration in research and applications to ensure the mutually beneficial coordination of real economy activities in the sphere of industrial and agricultural productivity to strengthen manufacturing, commerce and national defence and improve people’s living standards and cultural awareness in an orderly manner.

The Tentative Military-Civilian Plan:

  • An increased level of coordination of military and civilian relations will achieve strategic aims of State and Public Security to defend the constitutional order, the national and territorial integrity, the basic human and civil rights and freedoms, to maintain the civil command, and the political and social stability of society and to protect the population and the land from natural and manmade disasters

  • Unlock Township and Villages Enterprises (TVEs) Initiative.

  • To spare no efforts to develop agriculture, and solve problems concerning people's food, distribution, clothing, and other basic needs.

  • To cultivate talents, strengthen scientific research and development to fulfil the needs of Township and Village economic and cultural development.

  • Intensify basic industrial and agricultural development, strengthen national defence and improve people's living standards and cultural awareness.

To ensure military-civilian peaceful collaboration and optimization, the tasks are geared toward advancing a mode of production, the elimination of backwardness, imbalances in the economy, territorial development, the development of the labour market, and the transportation, information, social, and educational infrastructures.

The Programme, therefore, calls for Organs of State Power and Public-Private Partnership (PPP) to focus on Military Skills Development as “a means to an end” to realize the satisfaction of citizens' material, social, and spiritual needs, and the reduction of the level of social and property inequality in the population first and foremost through industrial capacity cooperation, increasing production and their income in an orderly manner.

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