24 Feb 2024
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Association for Strategic Culture and Research Foundation (“the ASCARF”)

The Association for Strategic Culture and Research Foundation is an independent African Research organisation headquartered in South Africa. ASCARF is a registered tax-exempt non-profit organisation created and maintained by a team of experts and volunteers from all spheres of society.

In addition to the ASCARF Research website, the organisation is involved in the Public Benefit Activities (PBA) for the purposes of section 30 listed in Part I and II of the Ninth Schedule to the Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962 (the Act).

The ASCARF website at ascarf.org.za publishes news articles, commentaries, background research and expert analysis on broad geostrategy topics, focusing on Democratic Security Theory, Social, Political, National Security, Cultural, Multipolarity, Strategic and Multilateralism matters.

Our Goals:

  • Providing independent expert analysis and intelligence

  • Defence and security

  • State and Public Security

  • Economic growth

  • Science, technology, and education

  • Healthcare

  • Culture

  • The ecology of living systems and the rational use of continental resources

  • Strategic Stability and Equal Strategic Partnership

  • Cooperation and Alternative Development

  • Alternative Development Programmes


If you have made a monetary donation to ASCARF you may qualify for Section 18A tax certificate. When you are completing your tax returns you will be to claim the value of the donation as a deduction against your taxable income. Please consult your tax or financial advisor for more information.

Bank Details:

Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa

Account No.: 1016 9652 244

Branch Code: 3826


If you have donated to ASCARF and would like to apply for your Section 18A tax certificate please submit the below information to complete the application. We thank you in advance for your kind support.

To process the Section 18A tax certificate please send the above details and queries


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Support ASCARF

ASCARF is a tax-exempt Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) that supports Public Benefit Activities (PBA). ASCARF appreciates your donations to develop the mission into global online Research Center. All accumulated funds to be forwarded to our Public Benefit Activities and outstanding authors. Thank you in advance!